About Bristol Pottery:                        Contact info: Phone: 847-287-7735

Bristol Pottery is a one man shop making handcrafted, one of a kind, functional, stoneware pottery for everyday use.  My name is Fred Gregory, and I have been making pots for over 40 years.  The vast majority of my work is made on the wheel, but I also do some slab and coil pots, as well as, some textural sculptures.

Big-Pot-Photo.jpg        Tamba Jar
When I first started making pots, I fell in love with the process.   I just couldn’t get enough.  I practiced at the wheel until my hands were raw from the sand and grog in the clay, and then I practiced some more.  When I wasn’t making pots, I was reading about them, going to museums, and visiting the studios of other potters.  The pots I was making at the time were not very good, but I was learning and enjoying the journey.  That learning continues every time I touch the clay!