Building the KIln

The base of the kiln starts with 2 layers of cinder blocks.


Next, the floor is 3 layers thick; hardbrick wherever there will be weight, and softbrick everywhere else.  The walls are started 2 layers (9 inches thick).



The walls are mostly completed and the steel is cut and welded into place.


The skew-bricks are placed on top of the side walls and the arch form is put in place.  the arch form is made of 3 pieces clamped together and shimmed up slightly to make it easier to remove.  There are 3 pieces of angle iron welded to each side to hold the skews in place.

07Arch Form


Laying the arch.  2 layers of arch bricks and straights make up the arch.

08Arch Layer 1Plus

A third layer of recycled bricks is layed on top for added insulation.

10Complete Arch Front Side

The center of the arch form is unclamped and removed.

11Center Form out Arch up


The sides of the arch form are removed.

12Remove Left Arch Form

Photo showing the controls, the chimney and flue, and 1 burner.